Lady Gaga
Fangirl way of life
20/Italian Monster/Female. Little Monster since 2008, 1-2/10/2012 Gaga in Milan/BTWBT in Milan, and miss her so much. she is my wife, but she does not know.
ARTPOP murdered my vagina.
"I'm not your queen, I'm your friend."
Gaga is my life, she has changed my life and I owe a lot to her. I love her, I love her.
What she is for me I can never describe in words, as if I had a lump in my throat.
My vagina belongs to Stefani Joanne Angelia Germanotta.
People says about me that I'm a psychopathic ridiculous attention whore. And they are right.
11/4/2014 : artRAVE in Milan, Italy. I'll see you again, Gaga.
''Amati. Seriamente, smettila di cercare scusa per cui non sei abbastanza. Tu sei abbastanza.''
-Imagine Dragons (via quattordiciottobre)
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me when straight girls


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if you tell me Lady Gaga is a man don’t be surprised when I smack you all the way back to ‘09 where that joke died bye. 

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Lady Gaga doing shopping in South Korea.

New Eau de Gaga outtake.
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